Information Systems Stream / Health Informatics Stream Advisor:

Dr. Victor Balogun

Room 3D18  204-988-7664


ACS Three-Year / Minor Advisor:

Jeanette Bautista

Room 3D25 - 204-786-9906

ACS Four-Year / Honours Advisor:

Dr. Ron McFadyen

Room 3D21 - 204-786-9376


Four-Year or Honours Advising

Every year in March, the department 4-year advisor will give a 4-year advising seminar. You are encourage to attend the advising session to learn more about the 4-year and honours programs. 

Students are strongly recommended to make an appointment to meet with the department's four-year advisor, preferably before their third year. The advisor will walk the student through the major requirements, especially the group 3 requirements.The student should bring along i) a copy of the Declaration of a Major in a 4-year on Honours B.Sc Degree program form, ii) Bachelor of Science/Arts 4-year degree - Applied Computer Science form which is essential for course planning and iii) a transcript of his/her course history.

The department advisor helps with course planning and signing the Declaration of a Major form. Please note, he/she only advises students on the major requirements for Applied Computer Science. Students are encouraged to meet with university advisors to ensure that other university requirements are met, e.g. residency requirement, humanities and social sciences requirement.

IMPORTANT: Students planning to graduate are STRONGLY ADVISED to make an appointment to meet with the Graduation Advisor, well before the deadline for submitting the Application for Graduation form. The Graduation Advisor will be able to point out if students HAVE MET ALL UW graduation requirements.

All the above-mentioned forms are available from Student Services or the U of W website.