Faculty Staff

Simon Liao

Ph.D. (Manitoba)
Role: Department Chair
Office: 3D31
Phone: 204-786-9416
Email: s.liao@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: zernike.uwinnipeg.ca/~s_liao

Connie Arnhold

Role: Department Assistant
Office: 3D13
Phone: 204-786-9039
Email: c.arnhold@uwinnipeg.ca

James Deng

Role: Instructor
Office: 3D17
Phone: 204-786-9908
Email: j.deng@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: www.acs.uwinnipeg.ca/jdeng

Dave Dalgliesh

Role: Network Administrator
Office: 3D19
Phone: 204-789-4253
Email: d.dalgliesh@uwinnipeg.ca

Christopher Henry

Ph.D. (Manitoba)
Role: Professor and Chair of Graduate Studies Committee in ACS
Office: 3D23
Phone: 204-786-9378
Email: ch.henry@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: www.acs.uwinnipeg.ca/chenry

David Tenjo

Role: Instructor
Office: 3D18
Phone: 204-988-7664
Email: d.tenjo@uwinnipeg.ca

Eugene Kaluzniacky

M.Sc. (Manitoba)
Role: Instructor
Office: 3D25
Phone: 204-786-9906
Email: e.kaluzniacky@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: www.acs.uwinnipeg.ca/1803

Ron McFadyen

Ph.D (Waterloo)
Role: Professor
Office: 3D21
Phone: 204-786-9376
Email: r.mcfadyen@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: www.acs.uwinnipeg.ca/rmcfadyen

Sergio Camorlinga

Ph.D. (Manitoba)
Role: Professor
Office: 3D29
Phone: 204-258-3091
Email: s.camorlinga@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: www.acs.uwinnipeg.ca/scamorlinga

Sheela Ramanna

Ph.D. (Kansas State University)
Role: Professor
Office: 3D15
Phone: 204-786-9447
Email: s.ramanna@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: www.uwinnipeg.ca/~sramanna

Yangjuin Chen

Ph.D (Germany)
Role: Professor
Office: 3D27
Phone: 204-786-9417
Email: y.chen@uwinnipeg.ca
Website: www.uwinnipeg.ca/~ychen2