Interested in Applied Computer Science?

If you are interested in careers such as programmer/developer, software architect, software engineer, database administrator, internet/web developer, technical support, project manager, visit URL for details. Sample courses include:

  • Internet Programming
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Operating Systems - Data warehousing
  • Machine Learning - System Administration and Networking
  • Computer Security and Privacy

Interested in working on a hands-on team project with external IT clients?

Visit the Project Course Web page.

Interested in Information Systems?

If you are interested in careers such as Business Information Analysis, Database application development, End-user Support, IS Consulting, Systems analysis and design, and Project management, see the 3-year major in Information systems. Sample courses include:

  • Software Requirements Analysis and Design
  • Business Application Systems
  • User Interfaces for Information Systems
  • eCommerce - Principles in Information Systems
  • Telecommunications
Visit the Course Planning Web page.

Interested in Health Information Systems?

The Health Informatics (HI) major provides students with more focused courses in Health information needs, infrastructure, standards, and jurisdiction. This stream has been designed in close cooperation with Manitoba e-Health. Sample courses include:

  • Principles in Information Systems (Health Centric)
  • Health Information Systems
  • Health Internship
  • Applications of Database Systems
  • Introduction to Internet Programming
Visit the Course Planning Web page.