Information Systems Degree

The Information Systems stream leads to a Bachelor of Science (3-year) or a Bachelor of Arts (3-year). The Information Systems (IS) stream is aimed at students interested in focusing on information and business needs of IT industry. The new stream is intended to prepare students in information oriented courses, and also in system and internet based technologies.

Information Systems (3-year) - Required Courses


Year 1 courses: 9 credit hours

Course Number Course Name
ACS-1803 (3) Introduction to Information Systems
ACS-1805 (3) Introduction to Programming and
ACS-1903 (3) Programming Fundamentals I
ACS-1903 (3) Programming Fundamentals I and
ACS-1904 (3) Programming Fundamentals II
ACS-1905 (3) Programming Fundamentals and
the ACS course at 2000 level or above


Year 2 courses: 12 credit hours

Course Number Course Name
ACS-2814 (3) Applications of Database Systems
ACS-2909 (3) Internet Programming
ACS-2913 (3) Software Requirements Analysis and Design
ACS-2916 (3) Business Application Systems


Year 3 courses: 15 credit hours

Course Number Course Name
ACS-3801 (3) Principles in Information Systems
ACS-3901 (3) Principles of Software Project Management
ACS-3911 (3) Computer Networks
ACS-3816 (3) Human Computer Interaction
ACS-3916 (3) Human Computer Interaction
ACS-3907 (3) e-Commerce
ACS-3923 (3) Technical Communication in ICT Professions
ACS-3830 (3) Topics in InformationSystems
ACS-3902 (3) Database Systems

3-year BSc/BA (IS Stream) 2016-2017 Flow Chart