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At TerraByte we conduct research revolving around machine learning applications in agriculture. Our three main pillars are generating labelled plant data, developing machine learning models, and constructing a plant image database.

Generating Labelled Plant Images

With the help of embedded systems we create labelled data for applications in which machine learning meets agriculture. Good ML-models needs good data. ALITA and EAGL-I have already generated hundreds of thousands of labelled plant images, ranging from vegetables, over weeds, to typical crops found in the Prairies such as Canola and Soybeans. We keep imaging and soon extend our data acquisition to hyperspectral and 3d-imaging.

Training Machine Learning Models

We use high performance GPU-servers to train deep neural networks on our image data. Tasks range from simple plant identification, classifying a plant as crop or weed, or even evaluating a plant's well-being. These machine learning models train on the data we produced ourselves to be the "brains" in future robotic agents taking care of fields one plant at a time.

TerraByte Public Plant Image Database

All our data is stored and will be made available for researchers and eventually to everyone online. We are working on a front-end that allows everyone to browse and filter the data provided to get exactly what they need for their application's development. This publicly available data will accelerate the research community and the agriculture industry towards the next revolution in how we grow our food.


The following research projects are currently conducted at TerraByte.

Our imaging robot
Convolutional Neural Networks
Architectures and topologies
From the Lab to Fields
Generalizing models to real world applications
Multispectral 3D Scanning
Applying 3D CNNs to multispectral 3D point models
Hyperspectral Imaging
Getting plants' spectra from IR to UV
Bayesian Neural Networks
Stochastic training algorithms
Field Data Collection
Automated data collection with drones and a rover
Low cost 3D reconstruction for phenotyping

Our Partners

TerraByte is proud to have collaborations and partnerships with the following organisations. We gratefully acknowledge the funding and financial support of Weston Seeding Food Innovation, Mitacs, Western Economic Diversification, NSERC, and University of Winnipeg. We thank Assiniboine Community College, Canola Council, DL Seeds, Haplotech, Manitoba Pulse and Soy Growers, Manitoba Crop Alliance, and University of Saskatchewan for providing us with seeds and seedlings.

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For inquiries please contact m.ajmani@uwinnipeg.ca