Society of Canadian Women In Science and Technology - STEM Streams

Society of Canadian Women in Science and Technology are empowering a project for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that will help them achieve better job opportunities in the field. We will be delivering 8 free workshops, both online and on-site, of: 

-Market your skills (resum├ęs & cover letters)

-Elevate your online presence: (networking & social media)
-Elevator pitch & interview skills
-Authentic networking skills
-Climbing the career ladder
-Career planning & transitioning (relationship-building skills, how to find mentors, self awareness & finding your purpose)
-Digital skills (ie. Web3 Blockchain technology)

-Navigating workplace culture (self-advocacy, knowing your workplace rights & responsibilities


We accept a rolling intake for this program. The program started in November 2022 and will conclude in August 2023.


Everyone who completes our eight STEM Streams courses will receive a $400 Completion Bonus. 

Right now these are the online schedules:

Wednesday: 9am-12pm EDT/ 8am-11am CDT/ 6am-9am PDT

Thursdays: 12pm-3pm EDT/ 11am-2pm CDT/ 9am-12pm PDT


Here is the link to register: